Yieldstreet is an alternative financial platform that gives more people access to investing opportunities historically only available to institutional investors. Leading up to the launch of a their new app, the company wanted to  rethink their brand strategy and create a visual system that could help them stand out in a booming fin-tech landscape. I worked with a team at Wolff Olins to refine early design iterations and define a robust visual language with which they could communicate their new mission – to ‘design bold new ways for anyone to add financial fuel to their ambitions’. We developed our system around a few key tools – hyper simple graphic motifs; an unexpected color palette; and warm, saturated photography. The boldness and minimalism of these tools created a unique look and feel that could cut through the noise of this space. While the modular nature of how they fit together meant we could easily showcase everything from the data at the heart of Yieldstreet’s core offering to the expansive and aspirational goals they encourage their audiences to strive for.

Client: Yieldstreet

Role: Design Director

Team: Forest Young, Sharon Gong, Erik Yang, Siavash Khasha, Katie Pell, Jonathan Boffa, Faith kim