WarnerMedia is the entertainment, news, and sports powerhouse that was formed when AT&T acquired TimeWarner. Their broad portfolio includes well known properties like HBO, CNN, and Warner Brothers Television and Movies. In the wake of this new acquisition, WarnerMedia found they lacked the clarity of brand needed to become as trusted and respected as many of the consumer brands they own and support. They asked Wolff Olins’ to define a strategic brand platform that could help themselves and the world understand better what they stood for. Building off the seed of a bigger brand idea – that stories have the power to inform and shape our larger culture – we also helped them develop a visual and verbal identity system that would allow them to unify and celebrate all of their iconic media brands. Inspired by the formal concept of a clapboard, we created a graphic system that easily flexed its shape and style – connecting a wide spectrum of content while allowing each piece to shine in its own individual way. We balanced subtle cues to a deep entertainment legacy with much simpler contemporary design gestures – helping to show that WarnerMedia may be a new company, but its brands have the history to prove that storytelling will be a vital part of building the future.

Client: WarnerMedia

Role: Design Director

Company: Wolff Olins

Team: Amy Lee, Sally Minn, Zami Majuqwana, Annabel Brandon, Sharon Gong, Forest Young