THE CHI Season 2

The Chi is a fantastic ensemble show on Showtime with a very devoted audience. In developing the visual campaign for the second season, we were inspired by the broad cast of characters and the way their stories intertwine and overlap. We also wanted to capture the energy and dynamism of Chicago’s South Side – the neighborhood that plays a principal role on almost every story arc. To do this we created a system of vibrant, multi-layered image and footage montages and backplates for messaging. Since launching, the system has evolved and flexed for many different promotion needs on a wide variety of platforms – growing more exuberant and colorful with each new piece.

Client: Showtime Networks

Role: Art Director

Team: Edem Dela-Seshie, Brandon Kennedy, Jerred North, Jon Smith, Mallory Kotik, Amber Kusmenko, Jonathan Rauberts, Ian Brier