Sonos Studio

Sonos Studios are creative spaces and editorial channels that host and facilitate a wide range of music related programming and content. I worked with a small team at Bruce Mau Design to create a restrained but sophisticated visual identity that could help showcase and celebrate this extreme diversity of music experiences. It needed to feel connected to, but distinct from the Sonos master brand. We decided to carry over the emphasis on hyper modern typography, graphic linework, and colorful image treatment to help make the relationship obvious. But we crafted new guidelines around how to use these core elements that would feel unique to Sonos Studio. Since launching, the visual identity has been used for a number of different creative outputs including the studio website, event invites, a printed zine, and the new studio space in Shoreditch, London.

Client: Sonos/Sonos Studio

Role: Senior Designer

Team: Buddy Bojorquez, Ro Ouern, Emily Lin, Mariam Noureddin