Google Pride Zine

I got the opportunity to be on the team charged with with making the first ever zine for PRIDE at Google – the Employee Resource Group for LGBTQIA+ people at Google. Our goal was to elevate and celebrate the voices and talents of the community across the globe. It featured a stunning compilation of different pieces submitted by many Queer Googlers. The content was wide ranging and included everything from visual art, writing, photography, poetry, sculpture, and even some very fun surveys (it was for Google after all). We printed 500 copies of the design and also built a digital version of the zine accessible to everyone. 

Client: PRIDE at Google

Role: Designer

Team: Mike Bufano, Dan Feder, David Hinshillwood, Kevin Fields, Kristen Scharold, Michael Edgcumbe, Jessica Owens, Melanie Pastuck, Kat Pactong