I originally joined the Waze Brand & Creative team to help finish and roll out a comprehensive brand redesign – the first ever in the history of the company. Building off of an incredible amount of thoughtful work from Natasha Jen’s team at Pentagram, the goal was to update and strengthen what users and the Waze community already loved so much about the brand. We also wanted to create a design system that would give many different teams and regions tools to create great, consistent work. Since launching, the refreshed brand has served as the base for many different kinds of creative projects and engaging expressions. Wether it was redesigning our 3D cars, creating a language for illustrated people, or helping rethink the visualizations for the gamification layer in the app, there have been many opportunities to continue flexing and evolving the brand in new and exciting ways. I’ve felt lucky to be a part of all the amazing teams working to push Waze forward.

Client: Waze

Role: Design Lead, Brand & Creative

Team: Jake Shaw, Lilah Montgomery, Jeffrey Gonick, Daniel Adrain, Adair Ziegler, Tatyana Schneider, Trevor Joyce, Ally Taylor, Chris Allen, Kristen Rantuccio, Ran Zheng, Yotam Hadar, Ryan Lee, Flavia Cabrera Paz, Simone Henault