Atlassian makes makes some of the most popular and powerful collaboration software tools around. While many people know their products by name – Jira, Confluence, Trello, etc. – a lot fewer know about the brand, and the platform, that underlies them all. As Lead Designer for the platform & commerce vertical, I was part of the team helping to build awareness of Atlassian as a powerful ecosystem where organizations can centralize and connect all their work, tools, and data. I worked with many cross-functional collaborators to create a wide range of new communications that could make Atlassian top-of-mind for technology executives looking to streamline and supercharge the way their teams work.

Client: Atlassian

Role: Lead Designer

Team: Derick Carrs, Megan Hart, Nicholas Francas, Sara Van Slyke, Sean Dunnigan, Melanie Duong, Kimball Denetso, Melli Lawrence, George Harbeson