While at Bruce Mau Design, I worked with both the U.S. and German headquarter offices of adidas to re-brand their customization platform, miadidas. They were struggling with audience confusion around this sub-brand but they didn’t want to change the name. We proposed treating it as less of sub-brand and more as a call to action supported by a family of key messages and graphic gestures. We developed a dynamic tab system that could live on almost any composition. This helped reflect the color and material options available for certain products while subtly infusing the idea of the miadidas into more and more communications. This strategy has since been integrated into the adidas website, retail stores in Europe and a number of print and out of home advertisements.

Client: adidas

Role: Associate Creative Director

Team: Ryan Adair, Justin Chen, Lindsey Maino, John Qudoe Lee, Leon Imas

Photography: Justin Chen