Bruce Mau Design

When I first got the chance to work at Bruce Mau Design I was very, very excited. And when I was asked to work on a small team to re-design the firm’s visual identity, I was over the moon. But designing a brand for a company that designs brands is tricky business. We wanted to create something that could express the diversity and inclusiveness of the Bruce Mau Design process and the people who work there. But we also needed something that could live alongside client work without upstaging it. I worked with Creative Directors Laura Stein and Emile Molin to develop a very streamlined typographic system that could act as an anchor for a wide variety of colors, graphics and image content. The brand continues to evolve and take on new life with each new designer that interacts with it.

Client: Bruce Mau Design

Role: Designer

Team: Laura Stein, Emile Molin, Heather Angell, Kaila Jacques