Ted 2017 Conference

I worked with TED to develop animated video content for their flagship 2017 conference. By the time I was brought on the conference was themed ‘The Future You’ and already had an intensely vibrant and dynamic identity created by Maya Sariahmed and the in-house design team at TED. The visual system was extremely flexible and a complete joy to build from. The largest piece of work included an opportunity to collaborate with the notable cellist Joshua Roman for an opening animation. Together we crafted a visual experience for which Joshua provided the soundtrack live on stage, kicking off a week of thought-provoking lectures, workshops, and conversations. I also got to design and animate all the speaker bumpers, as well as a number of session background animations for the conference. In addition to being shown at the conference in Vancouver, the pieces were also streamed live to theaters all over the world.

Client: TED Conferences

Role: Designer/Animator

Team: Maya Sariahmed, Mike Femia, Emily Pigeon, Joshua Roman

Photos: Bret Hartman & Marla Aufmuth