Dallas Hartwig

Dallas Hartwig is a New York Times best selling author and health educator. He’s best known for developing the Whole30 program. In light of some new content his work was beginning to encompass, he asked Bruce Mau Design to help shape and evolve his personal brand. After an extensive research and workshop phase, we created a brand platform that centered around the exploration and adventurousness necessary for sustainable change. We also worked very closely with Dallas to craft a visual identity that would feel like a logical, and very personal extension of his ideas and processes. This meant finding ways to integrate Dallas’ own writing, drawing, and photography into the set of available tools. We even went so far as to develop a custom digital font made from his handwriting. In the end, we built a flexible system that left plenty of space for Dallas to continue growing, contributing, and inspiring.

Client: Dallas Hartwig

Role: Associate Creative Director

Team: Hunter Tura, Kar Yan Cheung, Peter Zweifel, Franzi Erlebach, Tatsumi Taeron, Urvi Trivedi

Photography: Dallas Hartwig